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Financial review: 
BCF made a loss for the period under review, largely due to impairment charges relating to one of their associates. BCF managed strong revenue growth over the previous 12months though. Revenue growth reported from continuing operations amounted to 16%, this while the cost of sales/operating costs only saw an increase of 9.5%. Showing that margins were actually stronger and that BCF would have reported a whole different set of numbers if it was not for the impairment charges.
Cash generated from operations amounted to R53.4million (or 64.5c per share). Total cash and equivalents on their books is sitting at R152million (or R1.83 odd a share). Essentially 23% of BCF's R8.00 share price is made up of cash. 

BCF seems to have control off their trade and other receivables (money owed to them for goods and services rendered). Sitting at R110.6million vs R106million the previous year. Clearly this number is not ballooning out of control. Their assets far outstrip their liabilities. This will be highlighted in our financial ratios we look at below. They have no borrowings and basically their only liabilities are deferred taxes and trade and other payables (accounts they need to settle for goods and services supplied to them). Their balance sheet is what most businesses aspire towards. 

Debt is like a anchor to a ship. Stops it from going anywhere. To much debt for businesses acts in exactly the same way, as debt repayments stop companies from paying bigger dividends or acquiring other assets/firms. It is therefore essential that companies manage their debt properly. 

A few financial ratios to mull over for BCF (calculated using our Financial Ratios Calculator):

Based on BCF's current financial results we value them at between R10.90 and R11.00. We therefore feel that BCF offers good value for investors. Investors should note that the share is not the most liquid and erratic swings in the share price can take place due to the low volumes being traded in the share. Note the valuation was done based on their cash flows and not on their earnings due to the fact that a loss was made for the period.

We use our Share Valuation Calculator as guide to valuing shares. We believe in value investing and our above mentioned share valuation is based on the underlying fundamentals and financial statements of the stock in question.

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